Meredith Franklin

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Assistant Professor
University of Southern California
Division of Biostatistics
2001 N Soto Street
Los Angeles, CA 90089

Office: Soto-I Room 202A
Phone: (323) 442-2703

About me: I am an assistant professor of biostatistics at USC. I conduct research in spatial statistics, primarily applied to environmental data. I teach courses in introductory statistics, inference, data analysis and spatial statistics. I code in R almost exclusively, and while the computing aspect of my research is primarily a solo endeavor, I like to keep my R code version controlled with git.


My research interests are in environmental statistics and epidemiology with specific focus on the application of spatial statistical methods to air pollution and climate data. Please go here for more details.


I am the director of MS programs in Biostatistics and Epidemiology in the Keck School of Medicine of USC, Department of Preventive Medicine. Information regarding our programs and ways to apply can be found here.

Courses: Currently I teach Data Analysis (PM511a), Mathematical Statistics (PM522b), and Spatial Statistics (PM569).


You can find me on LinkedIn, github @meredithfranklin, and Google Scholar.